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Countertops are our only business. We offer six acrylic-based materials and three engineered stone product lines. If your budget or needs require a more economical approach you may want to consider a laminate countertop as an alternative. They can be had as a standard laminate self edged type, bevel-edged or with an attractive solid surface edge with a shaped profile applied to all the exposed edges. Although few people will consider using butcherblock for all of their counters, some buyers will incorporate a natural maple block section as an island top, or a strategically placed section might be nestled amongst their main countertops. This method is the most practical and provides both function and esthetic value to your kitchen.

Along with manufacturing we also offer job site templating and installation of your new countertops. Some countertop orders are basic and not very complicated and can be ordered by yourself or your contractor without the additional expense of us templating and installing your order. We will provide you with as much information and assistance as necessary to assure that your completed countertops are accurate and fit well in your room. When your countertop order is deemed by us to be too complicated or requires sections to adhere together in the field we will advise you to have us perform the template and installation as well. Should you decide to provide your own measurements or template and installation only the product portion of each warranty will be in effect. The following is a list of all the solid surface products that we build with.

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